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For over 40 years, ADM has utilized enzymes in many processes to transform ingredients into some of the top food, feed and fuel products in the world. Our team of enzyme experts partner directly with customers to create solutions that best utilize enzymes for their specific challenges and needs. Today, we continue this commitment to providing quality enzymes and enzyme solutions to the swine and poultry industry by providing the next generation in enzyme technology.

Empirical NSP Mixer Enzyme
ADM’s Empirical NSP (non-starch polysaccharide) mixer delivers a multi-enzyme complex that allows greater formulation flexibility to utilize opportunity ingredients containing higher amounts of NSPs. It enables swine and poultry to better utilize the fibrous components of feedstuffs by improving their digestibility and availability. ADM has multiple versions of the enzyme so we can add inclusions to premixes or other feed applications at a low inclusion rate.
Key Benefits
  • Targeted to enhance swine and poultry diets for better utilization of high-fiber ingredients, such as hulls, middlings, DDGS, etc
  • Contains a multiple enzyme complex for improved efficacy over a wide range of feedstuffs
  • Allows greater formulation flexibility which expands the portfolio of cost-saving ingredients that can be utilized in diets